About Us

About Us

Aim Technologies was established in the year 2011, to offer complete Bottling Line & Packaging machinery for liquids and granules for various industries like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Dairy, Beverage, Liquor, Water and Oils Industry.

With anexperience of several years in the Beverages & Packaging industry, these machines are built with the best available knowledge to update the packaging process and increase productivity – an urgent need of this competitive age.

Our vast knowledge has provided us with the ability to offer the finest quality of Standard and Custom built machines for the various industries, with after-sales service of unmatched quality.

Products of Aim Technologies are made from the finest materials and meet various security requirements and standards, which we are proud of. This is also recognized by our satisfied customers.We need to justify customers’ confidence.

Flexibility is our distinction. We listen to customers’ desires and needs about their final products, we discuss them and try to respond to them with the best possible solution. The solution has to be reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our Machines are extremely durable withthe sturdy design and is capable of running 24 hrs Non-stop.