Beverage Manufacturing & CO-Packing

Beverage Manufacturing & CO-Packing

Our sister company Nectar & Dhananjay Food is offering professional beverage contract manufacturing services. Nectar factory is a manufacturer of packaged drinking water & alkaline water and Dhananjay food is a manufacturer of energy drink and soft drinks located in Surat Gujrat, India. Our facilities are specifically designed to cater for the needs of beverage start-ups and SMEs.

We are capable to Bottle in:

  • Alaska Pet Preform
  • CSD Pet Preform

We are capable to Cap in:

  • Alaska Cap
  • CSD Cap


Outsourcing your beverage bottling and production management to Aim Tech not only gives you access to our industry knowledge and expertise, but it also saves valuable time and money by allowing you to focus your attention and resources on your vital sales and marketing strategy.

We work with drink manufacturers on an international scale to ensure that we find the best and most cost-effective solutions for the production of your drink.