Oil Filling machine

Oil Filling machine

We aim technologies specialize in manufacturing Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine which are generally used in fill any type of liquid such as juices, petroleum jellysyrups, drinking water, paints, strainers, perfumes, flavored milk, dahi, adhesives, shampoo, edible oil, hair oil, lube oils, coolants etc. Our manufactured machines exhibit these following features.


  • Semi-automatic with filling range from 15 rnl. To 1000 ml. (Twin head/ Four head)
  • Accuracy better than 1%
  • Three different speeds (or vary speed pulley) depending upon capacity of Bottles.
  • Body Covered with S.S. sheet
  • All contact part S.S. 304/S.S. 316.
  • Available size: 30, 60, 110, 260. 540 & 1000 ml.
  • Machine can be provided with diving nozzles for frothy foamy liquids
  • A unit to fill variety of liquid and can be used for various type of containers.
  • Specially designed valve assembly to avoid drip page.

Technical Specifications :

  • Main drive Motor: 0.5 HP for Model 260 ML. 1 HP for0 Model 540/1000 ML.
  • Gear Box: Radicon/Elicon/Crofts make.
  • Overall Dimension : 925 mm L X 485 mm W X 710 mm H
  • Output: 700 to 2000 Bottles/hour.(depending up on the capacity).
  • Net weight: 120 Kgs. Approx.
  • Available with 1/2 heads attachment
  • Works on Syringe Base Piston
  • Available in SS304. SS316,GMP Model
  • Easy and accurate adjustments of fill desired quantity
  • Available in Linear & Rotary Format
  • Made up of hygienic materials for hygienic filling
  • Maximum tilling accuracy: +/- 2 - 4 % by weight output of 10-40 bottles/min.
  • Compatible with other filling equipments
  • Available filling range: up to 5- 20ml to 1 -2 Lit. (With different changeable attachments)
  • Single speed drive for output control can be provided if required.
  • Maximum output in minimum possible time
  • Adjustable and space saving
  • Stock Supply: 100 Machines/Month
  • Maximum delivery in 25 days
  • Low power consumption