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RO Plant Manufacturer

Aim Technologies are rated amongst the top-notch RO plant manufacturer in India. Our ro plant installation, repair and maintenance solutions are empowered with latest technology concepts and intelligent planning. Our expert plant engineering staff is readily available to offer quick and sorted plant installation solutions.

Reverse osmosis system being the popular and preferred method of water purification, we aim to become niche ro plant manufacturer in the industry. Hence, we are always motivated to explore new and vivid technologies being introduced in this field. Adoption of radical technologies in effectual manner is our central aim. This reflects in advanced mineral, water treatment and RO plant related services offered by us.

Package Drinking Water (R.O.) Plant

Water, a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen, is a precious natural gift which is essential for the survival of everything on earth. Potable water for human consumption should be free from undesirable impurities.

The water available from untreated sources such as well, boreholes and natural springs is generally not safe for drinking. Thus, it is necessary to purify the water and supply it under hygienic conditions for human consumption. As the name implies, mineral water is the purified water fortified with requisite amount of minerals such as barium, iron, manganese and other mineral salts which can be absorbed by human body. The mineral water / packaged drinking water should be manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions, in properly washed and cleaned bottles, in sterilized conditions as specified under IS 14543 and IS 13428.

To ensure that the Mineral water Plants provide best quality of product the aspect of turnkey system has been adopted by Aim Technologies. Along with this technique and the best materials from Our Company, then plants produce 100% high quality products. Aim Technologies is the best in providing the water plants with various accessories which are involved in the treatment of water.