90 BPM Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

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90 BPM Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Aim Technologies is a leading 90 BPM automatic shrink wrapping machine manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India. Our Shrink Packing machines are specifically designed to handle different size of bottles. Our bottle packing machines can wrap bottles and provide a secure seal, making sure that your bottles are protected in the transportation.

Technical Specification:

Model AT - A90
Direction of Machine Left to Right, Right to Left
Product Size 200ml to 2000ml
Voltage 3 Phase 415 V + N + Earthing
Air Supply 12 CFM
Power Consumption 32 KW
Capacity 0-8 Packs/Min.
Machine Dimension 5500*4500*1200 (L*W*H)
Usage Application Water, Juice, Soft Drinks

Whether you need to wrap small group or large group of bottles, there is machineries available for your packaging operations as per your customize demand. When it comes to packaging, cost savings and increased efficiency, Aim technologies is out there for you to provide the best solution. Our machines are designed with cost savings and efficiency in mind. By automating the packaging process, you can reduce labour costs and improve productivity with our Shrink Wrap machine.

With the ability to wrap multiple bottles in one group, our machines can handle high-volume production lines with no hurdles. Not only do our packing machines save you time and money, but they also improve efficiency of your production operation. By reducing the time to wrap your bottles with our machineries, you can increase your overall output and meet customer demands more effectively.

Also our bottle wrapping machines offer versatility and adaptability. Whether you need to wrap small or large group of bottles, our selection of shrink wrapping machines has you covered.

Our machines are built to long-last, ensuring a great return on investment and minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. So why wait? Take the first step towards improving your packaging processes and contact us today.

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