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Aim Technologies is a leading Pet blow machine manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India.

Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine

We are semi automatic pet blow moulding machine manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Aim Technologies provides a comprehensive range of products, including a semi-automatic PET blow moulding machine, a pharmacy bottle blow machine, a bottle producing machine, and a mineral water bottling plant.

2 KVT Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

2 KVT Automatic Pet Blow Molding machine is to manufacture a lot of high quality pet bottles. Our customer can easily operate and maintain the machine for that we have simplified the technology.

3 KVT Pet Blowing Machine

We designed 3 KVT Pet Blowing Machine to produce more with less money invested. This easily accessible machine can blow up to one liter of drink, water, and many other bottles.

4 KVT Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Aim Technologies specializes in manufacturing mineral water plant machineries. We also offer different types of Pet blowing machine one of which is our 4 KVT Pet Blowing Machine.

Blow Moulds

We have an established track record of designing and manufacturing high-efficiency moulds on time. As a well-known industry participant, we manufacture and offer a wide range of PET Bottle Mould.

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