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Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Aim Technologies is a Leading manufacturer and exporter of automatic single-side labelling for flat bottles. The machine is suitable for labels with greater height and length on pharmaceutical, food, beverage, fertilizer, and pesticide products. The machine features an easy-to-use sensor system for labels and items, as well as cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled label dispensing technology.

Front & Back Sticker Labeling Machine

Front and Back sticker Labeling Machine is a fully automatic and easiest to use. Suitable for applying labels to the front and back, or both sides of flat/oval/square/round containers with output. Depending on the product shape/size and label size, up to 100 labels per minute can be produced. The automatic product alignment system is linked to the top holding belt system.

Round Labeling Machine

We Aim Technologies are the prominent manufacturer and exporter of Automatic Round Bottles Sticker Labeling machine. Larger label heights and lengths are possible for beverages, pharmaceuticals, food products, fertilizer, and pesticides. The machine includes cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled label dispensing technology as well as a label and product detection system that is simple to use. These machines are available for our client at a very low market price.

Customized Labeling Machine

We manufacturing Customized labeling machine as per customer as per design of bottles & various sizes.

BOPP Labeling Machine

Aim Technologies have established a unique competitive advantage by providing BOPP Labeling Machine, Single side sticker labeling machine, double side sticker labeling machine and round labeling machine. Our Bopp labeling machine is available in a range of configurations and is regularly delivered on time to customers.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine inserts sleeves into bottles of varying sizes and shapes. This one-of-a-kind technology has the potential to save labour and increase manufacturing rates in a variety of industries. The machine performs processes such as container delivery and classification, label sleeve cutting, and sleeve positioning on the bottle.

All In One Labeling Machine

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