4KVT Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

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4KVT Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Aim Technologies is a leading 4 KVT Automatic Pet Blowing machine manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India.

We developed this 4 KVT Pet Blowing Machine with the purpose of producing more pet bottles. Our main purpose is to let our customers independently utilize and maintain the Automatic Pet Blow Molding Machines by simplifying their technology. This Automatic pet blowing machine works well for blowing soda and water bottles and many others.

With a strong scientific foundation and extensive experience, we are a pet blowing machine manufacturer for mineral water and cold drink bottles.

Technical Specification:

4 Cavity Fully Automatic Pet Blowing Machine
Container 100 ml to 1000 ml
Production 5200 BPH to 7200 BPH
Power Consumption 150 KW
Suitable Preform Neck 28 mm Alaska
28 mm PCO 1881
28 mm PCO 1810
29/21 CTC
Segments Packaged Drinking Water
Carbonated Soft Drink
Hot Fill Juice

Silent Features :

  • Three performers are automatically fed into the infrared conveyors for heating.
  • Automatic preform loading conveyor.
  • Simple and secure to use.
  • Reduced energy usage.
  • The highest level of product quality is ensured by using the best spares parts from trusted brands like Mercury, Ultra, etc.
  • Easy mold replacement.
  • PLC-based programmable process control.
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