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Purified Mineral Water Plant:

Turnkey Mineral Water Project manufacturer & exporter in Gujarat, India. We offer a high quality range of Turnkey Mineral water plants to our clients at the best price.

Aim Technologies has established as a Turnkey mineral water plant manufacturer. The mineral water projects are use for purifying water for various sectors.

Water Treatment / Purification Plant:

A reverse osmosis plant is a type of water treatment system. RO plant is use to purifying water like remove pollutants and toxins from water.

Bottle Rinsing, Filling And Capping Machine (Automatic):

We provide Fully automatic bottle rinsing, filling and capping machine. It has capacities ran from 24BPM to 120BPM and some time higher.

20 Liter Jar Washing, Filling And Capping Machine:

We provide 20 liter jar washing, filling and capping machine to our clients. This machine capacity ranges from 100JPH to 450JPH or even higher.

Pouch Packaging Machine:

We offer pouch packaging machine with benefits such as efficient and sanitary packing, supporting different pouch sizes and shapes.

Blow Molding Machine (For Making Pet Bottles):

We offer fully automatic and semi automatic pet blow molding machine. It has capacities range from 900 BPH to 7200 BPH. This machine is use in plastic sector to make bottles, container, drums and tanks, automobile components.

Labelling Machine:

We offer a labeling machine with an encoder attached to the product conveyor motor to detect conveyor speed and align the label with the product. The applicator (all MITSUBISHI parts) and operated (by HMI) apply the label to the product, while the label sensor (SICK) searches for gaps between labels.

Batch Coding Machine:

Aim Technologies also offers batch coding machines (laser as well as printer), which are used to print legible and long-lasting date and lot information onto bottles in order to meet industry standards.

BOPP Labelling Machine:

Aim Technologies also offers a Bopp labeling machine, which stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). Automatic BOPP Labelling Machine provided include hot melt labeling machines with many operating model options to pick from.

Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Shrink wrapping machines are frequently used to package items such as bottles, cartons, cans, trays, and bundles in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and retail. A shrink-wrapping machine is specialized packing equipment that wraps products firmly with shrink film or shrink wrap to protect them. The machine heats the film, forcing it to shrink and conform firmly around the goods, resulting in secure and protected packaging.

BIS consultancy & Laboratory Supply:

Aim Technologies offers consulting services as well as laboratory supplies for obtaining an ISI license in Packaged Drinking Water / Mineral Water.

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