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BOPP Labeling Machine

We are renown BOPP labeling Machine Manufacturer & Exporter in Gujarat, India.

Aim Technologies have established a unique competitive advantage by providing BOPP Labeling Machine, Single side sticker labeling machine, double side sticker labeling machine and round labeling machine. Our Bopp labeling machine is used for the labeling of round bottles. Our Bopp Labeling Machine is designed by our team of experts using high-quality equipment considering international quality standards.

Our Bopp labeling machine is available in a range of configurations and is regularly delivered on time to customers.

Bopp Labeling Machine - Features:

  • Fully automated linear operation
  • Extensive service life
  • Outstanding performance

Other Details :

  • The delivery labeling is controlled by a servo motor.
  • The labels are properly cut.
  • It is simple to replace the label cutter.
  • Parts replacement is simple and quick.
  • One kilo of hot melt can fill 60000-100000 bottles, saving money.
  • The label is made of BOPP, which cuts costs by up to 33%.
  • Because the machine's power is 8 KW, save electricity.

Description :

  • The labeling machine's operation is managed by the control system, which includes speed control, label position adjustment, and synchronization with the conveyor system.
  • The BOPP labeling machine has several advantages, including increased labeling accuracy, faster labeling speed, and better product packing efficiency.
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