Shrink Sleeve Applicator

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Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Aim Technologies is a prominent Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India.

The Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine inserts sleeves into bottles of varying sizes and shapes. This one-of-a-kind technology has the potential to save labour and increase manufacturing rates in a variety of industries.

The machine performs processes such as container delivery and classification, label sleeve cutting, and sleeve positioning on the bottle.

The Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine is built on an extremely durable welded steel frame that is completely encased in stainless steel sheet doors and aluminium alloy.

The unit consists of the following components: Sleeve roll loader—carrier assembly, Conveyor bottle separating assembly, Centre pillar, Bottle positioning mechanism, Cutter mechanism, Optical scanner, Controlling assembly, and Brush assembly, among others.

Description of Sleeve Labelling Machine:

  • Output range: 60-200 BPM. (Handles round plastic bottles).
  • Interlock: No Bottle - No Sleeve - Guard open - Machine off in terms of alignment / panelling.
  • Contact Parts: Stainless Steel 304.
  • Stepper Motor Drive (for the sleeve feeder and cutter).
  • An eye mark sensor ensures precise cutting in printed sleeves.
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