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A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Small Mineral Water Bottling Plant in India: Costs, Equipment, and Rules

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Posted : Jan 16, 2024
Small Mineral Water Bottling Plant in Gujarat India

Imagine helping communities in India get clean water easily. Setting up a small mineral water bottling plant can make this happen. People searching for ready-to-go projects, water bottling plants, the machines needed and insights into water bottling are looking for a clear guide. Aim Technologies is here to help, offering a complete project for large scale or small scale mineral water plants. Whether you're new to this or want to grow, this article is your guide to starting a small mineral water bottling plant in India.

Setting Up the Mineral Water Plant:

To start with, you need to know about the machines, following the rules of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and other regulations. And do not worry because Aim Technologies, with its expertise, helps those who don't know much about the industry, giving a plan for success.

Small Mineral Water Bottling Plant in Gujarat, India

Machines and Equipment:

Now, let's get to the exciting part – the machines! The most important part of a mineral water bottling plant is its machines. We have the perfect solutions, no matter the size of your operation. From treating water to putting it in bottles, each part is essential to make sure the water is safe. The Machineries required for setting up a bottling plant are Reverse Osmosis Plant, Pet Blowing Machine, Water Filling Machine, Batch Coding Machine, Sticker Labeling Machine, and Shrink Wrapping Machine. Each one plays a vital role, and in the next articles we'll discuss deeper into these to give you a thorough understanding. How to start Mineral Water business in India in 2024.

Following BIS and Rules:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) sets the standard for quality and safety in the mineral water industry. Following these rules is very important. We not only give machines but also helps you understand and follow the rules.


Now, let's talk numbers – the cost factor. For those thinking about starting a mineral water business, the cost is a big factor. We know this and help you understand how much everything will cost. We make sure you know all the costs before you start.


Starting a small mineral water bottling plant in India might seem hard, but we are here to help. We’ll not only help you pick machines, follow rules, and plan your costs – we'll set you up for success. So, the real question isn't whether you should start, but when will you start and give clean water to the people who need it?

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